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Terms of service

From this point forward, you shall be referred to as "Client".

CONTRACT FORMATION: and its appertaining holding company (hereinafter "The Company") will engage in services strictly in accordance with these terms and conditions, which:
1. May only be altered in writing by the Company's Proprietor.
2. Shall take precedence over any conditions proposed by the Client, whether in writing or spoken.
3. Replace all prior discussions or representations by any employee or representative of the Company, regardless of whether they were in writing or spoken.


The Company and its agents are permitted to investigate the individual mentioned in the Client's request. The Client affirms that there is no intention to inflict any physical or personal harm or cause damage to the individual under investigation.


1. The Client grants The Company authorization to carry out investigations as detailed in the initial case inquiry form or subsequent email/phone correspondence. The Client agrees to pay the fees established for these services and recognizes The Company's authority to act on the Client's behalf, performing necessary and suitable actions pertinent to the service.

2. The Client agrees to keep all contact details provided by The Company, such as phone numbers, email addresses, and written communication, strictly confidential.

3. The Company will not purposefully provide illegal services and retains the right to refuse or cancel an assignment without notice if deemed illegal or unethical, or if it poses a risk to the operative's safety.

4. The Company offers no guarantees: Due to the unpredictable nature of investigation work, no assurance of success or quality of outcomes can be given. Results may vary and may not always align with the Client's desires.

5. All fees are NON-REFUNDABLE. No fees or partial fees paid to the Company will be refunded. If the Client agrees to proceed and pay the fee, then subsequently decides to cancel or alter their decision, no reimbursements will be issued under any circumstances. All transactions are final and non-negotiable.

6. Term of Engagement: This contract is enforceable for a term of 7 days (or other mutually agreed duration) or until terminating evidence is found, or either party provides written notice of termination. This provision does not affect the Company’s right to payment for services.

7. Client Cooperation: The Client commits to prompt provision of necessary information for the fulfillment of this agreement. Clients may not partake in investigations; doing so will lead to immediate termination and loss of all payments.

8. Confidentiality: The Company will access the Client's secret and exclusive information and agrees to maintain its confidentiality, except as approved by the Client. Information arising from the investigation is to be kept confidential unless released to the Client or an authorized representative.

a. "Confidential information" excludes data that is publicly available without the Company’s involvement. The Client must protect the provided information from unauthorized third-party access.

b. By entering this agreement, the Client permits The Company to collect information on their behalf, which is to remain private.

9. Service Cancellation: Canceling any confirmed service will result in a fee not exceeding the entire cost of the service itself.

10. Inactive Accounts: Should the Client fail to instruct The Company for 14 days, their account will become "inactive," forfeiting all funds paid, with case details being erased. Inactive accounts will remain open for a maximum period of 14 days.

11. Service Areas: The Company outlines the geographical regions within which it can perform investigative services as determined at the outset of the agreement. Pattaya city or Patong are our standard service areas. For cases outside these areas, the Client must bear any additional travel expenses incurred.

12. Surveillance Minimum Duration: Surveillance activities have a mandatory minimum duration, usually set at no less than 8 hours per surveillance operation. Any operations falling short of this duration will incur charges equivalent to the stipulated minimum.

Decoy Service/Site Visitation

One initial visit to the target location will be made as part of our 'decoy' or 'site visit' services. Should additional visits be necessary, the Client will be responsible for incurring additional charges, expenses and disbursements.


(i) The Company holds no responsibility for any losses or damages experienced by the Client, regardless of the cause.

(ii) The Company is not liable for any client loss or damage arising from the Company's inability to fulfill its obligations due to events beyond its control, such as acts of God, war, governmental actions, material or labor shortages, strikes, or equipment failure.

(iii) The Client cannot hold the Company accountable for losses or damages resulting from the Company’s actions, inactions, errors, or omissions, or those of its employees or representatives.

(iv) The Company is not liable for any loss or damage the Client may suffer due to reliance on information supplied by the Company.

Consequential Loss

The Company bears no liability for any indirect or resulting loss or damage, regardless of its cause.


(i) These terms and conditions are to be viewed individually, and their validity remains intact even if other provisions are deemed unenforceable.

(ii) The headings used herein are for reference only and should not influence the interpretation of the associated sections.

(iii) The transfer of the Client's rights or benefits under this agreement to a third party requires the prior written approval of the Company.


With the acceptance of this agreement, I authorize the investigation and accept all terms and conditions outlined. I confirm that the information provided is current and accurate, to the best of my knowledge. I represent that I have the authority to commission and finance this project. I am aware that providing false or misleading information can result in case rejection or termination, and may lead to forfeiture of any fees paid for this service, should the information compromise the ethical or legal standards of the agency as determined solely by the agency.

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