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Corporate due diligence in Thailand

Our detectives are able to investigate all manner of different businesses based in Thailand. Corporate due diligence can vary from simply pulling a company’s balance sheet or verifying its registered office, to personal surveillance, site visits, background checks on key individuals, and everything in between. If you need help with corporate due diligence, then we will work with you to understand your requirements and come up with the best path forwards in your case.

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In today’s complex business environment, it makes sense to perform your own due diligence, especially in a country such as Thailand. We will do our best to protect your interests by making sure that you are well informed on the individuals and entities that you are engaging with.

Due diligence can take the form of paperwork checks using our extensive contacts in Thailand, or on the ground investigations where we look to verify a company’s presence and activities at their given address. Please feel free to get in touch with one of our experienced team members if you need assistance with corporate due diligence in Thailand.

Check a company in Thailand

If you need to check a company in Thailand, then we can help with our due diligence services.

Over the years we have seen hundreds of websites and invoices that were created by fraudsters purely to trick and deceive victims into sending them money. Our experience in this field allows us to quickly identify fraudulent transactions in many cases.

Investigator checking documents with a magnifying glass

If you need to check a company in Thailand, then our basic due diligence service will be suited to most cases. We offer an affordable basic due diligence service; if the result of basic due diligence is inconclusive then it may be necessary to follow up with a site visit or additional checks. In most cases however, basic due diligence will suffice in testing the legitimacy of suppliers that are based in Thailand.

Our basic due diligence service effectively aims to establish whether or not our client is dealing with a legitimate, registered Thai company or a fraudster that will simply disappear after they have received money.

If you are sending money to an individual or a company that claims to be based in Thailand through an international bank transfer, then you may find recovering money to be very difficult or impossible in many cases. For this reason, we believe that it makes the most sense to check your supplier before deciding to go ahead or send them money.

Our basic due diligence service provides an easy way for you to check companies in Thailand, and receive an indication as to whether or not they appear to be legitimate entities. We can also take the investigation a step further by conducting site visits or gaining additional information – much depends on the level of due diligence desired by our client.

If you need our help to check a company in Thailand then please feel free to get in touch with one of our experienced team for help and advice. Please be sure to include as much information as possible with your inquiry so that we are able to understand your needs and requirements.

Do I need to perform corporate due diligence?

In answering this question, you should first ask yourself how much money you can afford to lose should your business deal or transaction fall through. If you can afford to lose however much you are parting with then you might choose not to perform due diligence.

In all other cases however, performing due diligence is a wise decision.

Whatever type of business you are conducting in Thailand, due diligence can be used to help mitigate your exposure to risk. We are able to perform due diligence on virtually any type of business. For example, we have previously visited farms to check the welfare of animals being kept there… Other investigations may take the form of purely paperwork checks, depending on the information we are looking to ascertain.

We prefer to perform due diligence for our clients before a deal has been signed, rather than helping to gather information after fraud has occurred.

When getting in touch with us regarding business due diligence; please include as much information as possible with your initial inquiry - such as the company you would like to investigate, the nature of their business, their location within Thailand, and any information that you would like us to verify for you. We will do our best to understand your requirements and offer the best possible solution in your case.

We offer free, no obligation quotes for all work, and all contact with our investigators is strictly private and confidential.

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