Finding Love in a Pattaya Bar: John's Bar Girl Story

February 2, 2024 - Reading time: 11 minutes

In the neon red glow of Pattaya city's famed nightlife, where the air is rich with the aroma of street food, the chatter of various languages, and the allure of escapade, a peculiar love story unfolded between John, a western visitor, and Noi, a bar girl he met during his Thai vacation.

John, a man seeking adventure and a reprieve from the monotony of his life back home, found himself mesmerised by the vibrancy of Pattaya city. It was in the sultry evenings, buzzing with the energy of tourists and locals intermingling, that he first met Noi, who worked at a beer bar near to his hotel. John had drank in the bar most days and gradually started getting to know Noi more and more during his visits. She was grace personified amidst the boisterous backdrop of the bar where she worked. With her laughter echoing over the music and her eyes mirroring the city's sparkle, she was incandescent, and he, inexorably drawn to her.

Women working at bars in Pattaya

As the nights turned into days and the days folded back into nights, what started as a holiday girlfriend, a tale as old as travel itself, deepened into something more profound. As they spend day after today together, John began to fall in love. 

Noi, with her sunny disposition and tales of dreams larger than the confines of the establishment's walls, very much seemed to reciprocate. It was not long that she began to profess her love for John and her desire for them to be in a serious relationship. Amidst promises and soft-spoken secrets, she told John that her interactions with customers were purely professional and that for him, she would make an exception. "For you, I not go with customer. I wait you come back" she had whispered, and he believed her. John believed that Noi would remain loyal to him and not leave the bar with any other customers while she waited for him to return 

Returning to his home country, the distance did little to dampen John's  feelings for Noi. They maintained contact through messages and calls, the connection seemingly growing stronger as days turned into weeks, then months. Noi would constantly send messages and photos to John, even calling at the same time every night after finishing work as 'proof' that she was not seeing other guys from the bar. 

Despite friends' warnings and the niggling doubts planted by stereotypes of fleeting holiday romances with bar girls, John clung to the belief that what they had was genuine, and that Noi was truly different from the other women.

Constantly keeping in touch with his new girlfriend Noi online, John started to make plans for the future. Noi told him that she wanted to get pregnant and build a small home in her village for them to live in. John began to save up money and prepare for a future together with her, even getting prices for land in her village.

Asian lady smiling

As the weeks and months drew on, John became more and more besotted by her, whilst she continued to work in Pattaya. He believed that she was 'the one' and that they could spend the rest of their lives together.

However, deep down John has a feeling that something wasn't right, and the inner turmoil eventually got the better of him. He hired a private investigator in Pattaya, convincing himself that it was merely a formality, a way to squash the doubts once and for all, to fight for the love he felt they both deserved.

The results from the private investigator, however, were a testament to the darker side of Pattaya, a piercing through John's romantic vision to reveal a stark truth: Noi had continued to accept 'bar fines' from customers while she waited for his return. The photos and testimonials collected were indisputable; she continued to leave the bar with other customers, engaging in the very practice she had assured him was reserved for a life she had left behind.

In the time that John had returned back to his home in the United States, Noi had accepted bar fines from dozens and dozens of other men on a regular basis. After all, she was attractive and knew how to get the most from her clients.

Devastated but now armed with the truth, John was forced to confront not only the reality of Noi's lies but also the frailty of his own hopes. He had been swayed by desire and the exotic allure of a vacation romance, unwilling to see the signs that to Noi, he might have been just another customer, albeit one she had managed to enchant beyond the duration of a holiday.

The path that love takes is often unpredictable and fraught with lessons sometimes learned in pain and disappointment. John's affair with Noi, though rooted in genuine emotion, was also a journey through self-discovery, a realization that love can sometimes be a mirage, especially when found amid the seductive chaos of Pattaya's nightlife.

In the end, the waves that John felt for Noi gradually receded. He came to understand that while people can fall in love under the most unexpected circumstances, the real challenge is in discerning the authenticity of affections and separating them from a purely commercial 'pay for play' type of arrangement.

John decided to send Noi a chunk of money, followed by continued monthly payments, and tell her to move back to the village. While Noi did move back to the village, she was still communicating with her past customers through WhatsApp/LINE and hidden Facebook accounts that she had setup.

After several more months, John had managed to forgive her for her past actions, and when a piece of land in her village became available, he decided to wire over the cash to purchase it. After sending over 400,000 THB in addition to Noi's monthly support payments, several more weeks passed until John was able to take time off work in order to return and visit Noi.

John arranged to meet her on his arrival in the airport, and Noi assured him that she was dying to be reunited with him. When John's plane eventually touched down after the long-haul flight however, Noi was nowhere to be seen. John noticed that her WhatsApp profile photo had disappeared, indicating that he had been blocked. He tried to call her through Facebook messenger however he found himself blocked there too.

Eventually John realised what had happened and checked into his hotel room alone. Devastated, angry and upset, he decided that he wasn't going to let this go. John took a taxi up to her village, and used her address from a receipt that she had previously sent him to locate her house.

On arriving at Noi's house, John was greeted by a high fence and padlocked gate surrounding the property. She didn't seem to be there. John asked his taxi driver to speak with the local people, and they advised him that Noi had been living with a younger Australian man in the village, but that they had recently left to spend time on an island in southern Thailand.

While some bar girls are honest and true to their word, they are few and far between. And when a lady's income is derived from accepting 'bar fines' from various customers on a regular basis, the urge to continue doing that in order to earn money can be difficult to resist - especially if your 'boyfriend' is thousands of kilometres away with little chance of him finding out.

Dating a bar girl from Pattaya

Ultimately, bar girls are in their profession in order to earn money - with many seeing as many customers as possible in order to support themselves and their families.

Bar girls typically look for their boyfriends to 'take care' of them and provide financial support in the form of a monthly allowance. However, in many cases seen by us, bar girls will continue to see other customers in-spite of receiving money from their boyfriends. Many ladies that work in bars will also try to have multiple boyfriends at the same time, often using multiple different social media profiles in order to achieve this.

Many bar girls will call their boyfriends every night after finishing work in order to show that they are sleeping in their own room. However, this measure can be easily defeated. For example, some ladies will only agree to 'short time' sessions with customers. Other times the lady will make a call to her boyfriend from the balcony or bathroom of her customer's hotel room... Or she might tell her customer that she needs to collect some clothes from her room before joining him - which provides her with the opportunity to call her boyfriend from her room, before sneaking off again.

For those wandering the streets of Pattaya, seeking connections in the ephemeral world between sundown and sunrise, this tale serves as a cautionary whisper: sometimes, the city that never sleeps may dream up illusions too compelling to question until daylight brings back reality.

Had John not chose to hire the services of a private investigator, then he may never have discovered what was really going on.

Honeytrap investigations in Thailand

At PattayaPI, we are experts at performing 'honeytrap' type investigations, which can be used to easily check the loyalty of your partner while you are outside the country.

There is nothing worse than the feeling that you are being lied to, and in many cases instructing a PI might be the only way for you to discover the truth of your relationship.

If your girlfriend is working in a bar then we can help to investigate her and test her loyalty. Our experienced detectives often conduct honeytrap investigations in Pattaya, Bangkok, Phuket, and all areas of Thailand. We offer free, no pressure quotes for all work. Feel free to tell us about your case and see how we can help.

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Top scams to avoid in Pattaya Thailand

July 19, 2023 - Reading time: 9 minutes

It must be said that Pattaya, and indeed most tourist areas in Thailand, are all relatively safe. The chances of you falling victim to crime or fraud here are no higher than they might be in most Western cities. However, much depends on the activities that you decide to partake in and the company that you keep during your time here.

The minimum wage in Thailand is very meagre, which can spur on some to look for creative solutions to their monetary woes. It certainly pays to use your head and have your wits about you when travelling to any international tourist destination.

We have put together the following list based on our experiences in Pattaya which can help you to avoid some of the most common scams that you might encounter during your stay here.

1. Pattaya bar girl scams

One of the most common scams that foreigners encounter in Pattaya are so-called ‘bar girl scams’. Whether you meet a lady working in a beer bar, massage parlour, go-go bar, nightclub, or even through internet dating, we often see similar scenarios play out time and time again.

Asian lady wearing a sports bra

Let’s say you spend time with a lady that is working at a bar in Pattaya. You decide to form a relationship with her. At the end of your vacation you return back to your country and she promises not to go with any other customers… In our experience the vast majority of these ladies will continue to sleep with customers despite having a boyfriend and promising not to. 

Another common bar girl scam in Pattaya is for ladies to have several different boyfriends at the same time. Some ladies might find themselves half a dozen different sponsors who all believe that they are the only man in her life. It may seem farfetched, but such cases are very common. We also see pregnancy scams occasionally and many other tricks used by bar girls. 

Some ladies will trick their boyfriends into believing that they work a normal job whilst they in fact work at a bar... Usually the lady will take many photos of herself at a fake workplace in order to make this seem believable.

If your girlfriend is working in a Pattaya bar, massage parlour or go-go, then we can help to check whether or not she is being faithful while you are out of town.

Click to learn more about our bar girl investigation service .

2. Taxi scams

When you arrive in Thailand, it’s a good idea to get yourself a SIM card before leaving the airport. Getting a local SIM card will allow you to book taxis yourself by searching out taxi firms or by using popular apps.

If you rely on other people to arrange taxis for you, then you may find yourself paying middlemen fees along the way. For example, if you ask your hotel receptionist to book a taxi for you, then (s)he will possibly addon a small commission for their trouble.

Always ask how much when entering a taxi

Before sitting down in a taxi, it’s a good idea to ask your driver exactly how much he or she will charge you for the journey. After you have agreed a fee then you can proceed on with your journey.

If you are using ‘baht busses’ in Pattaya however, this is one situation where you should not ask how much the journey will cost…

Baht busses in Pattaya

If you are in Pattaya city for any length of time then you will probably notice ‘baht busses’ cruising around the streets looking for customers.

Baht bus in Pattaya

Photo: A ‘baht bus’ carries passengers through Pattaya city.

Baht busses are pickup trucks which have been converted to include a seating area in the back of the truck. In Pattaya they are typically blue in colour. These trucks circle around Pattaya in a big loop. Regardless of how long you are on a baht bus, you will need to pay the driver just 10 baht at the end of your ride.

The trick is to figure out which direction you are travelling in and get on a baht bus which is already going in that direction. Hail a baht bus and get on, when it's your stop just push the button and hand the driver 10 baht. If you don't know which direction you are travelling in, then simply use Google Maps on your phone - when the truck reaches your destination then you will know to get off.

On the other hand, if you speak to the driver before getting on a baht bus then you will be privately hiring the truck from him, and the charge will be higher than 10 baht.

3. Hotel room valuables scam

Many tourists tend to bring cash with them and electronics/tech or jewellery which can add up to thousands of dollars in some cases. While thefts from hotel rooms are in our experience fairly rare, they can occasionally happen and a wise precaution would be to lock your valuables up in a hotel room safe.

Keypad on a digital safe

If you are relying on a hotel room safe to protect your belongings, then it would be a good idea to first check how secure that safe really is. If the safe has a default admin password, then opening it could be as easy as typing in “12345” or “00000000” and pressing “unlock”. You can check whether this is the case by finding the model number of the safe in your room and then Googling its admin and default passwords.

Some people even take an additional precaution of bringing an extra lock with them which ensures that the safe door cannot be opened without their key.

If you are travelling with a large amount of money or valuables, then you might consider even hiring a safety deposit box for the duration of your visit.

4. Pickpocketing

Pickpocketing is not nearly as much of an issue as you might believe after having read an outdated blog post or travel guide. The truth is you are probably more likely to get pickpocketed in somewhere like London or Prague rather than in Pattaya.

However, pickpocketing can occasionally happen, usually in areas with many people around such as busy markets.

Common sense is usually the best form of protection… Don’t carry more cash than you need to on any given day, consider leaving some of your credit/debit cards in your hotel room as a backup, and don’t walk around wearing more gold jewellery than ‘Mr T’.

5. Rental scams

So-called ‘ jet ski scams in Thailand ’ are a topic which has been discussed in depth by most travel blogs in the past decade.

Simple concept: You rent a jet ski, then on its return the vendor finds some mysterious damage (usually on the underside of the jet ski that you could not see or inspect before renting it). Then you pay for that damage.

Riding a jet ski at sea

If you are renting a jet ski, motorbike, or car, it would be a good idea to go around the vehicle closely before hiring it and take a video which highlights any pre-existing damage. Check reviews for the rental company before using them, especially for jet skis. 

The roads in Thailand are not for the faint hearted. Consider whether your driving ability and understanding of the roads are up to task. And double check that your travel insurance will cover you for any injuries, especially if you are hiring a motorbike.

There are many forms of transport available in Pattaya, such as motorbike taxis, car taxis, baht busses (songthaews), taxi apps, etc… There is no need for most travellers to rent a car or motorbike. If you do decide to rent a car or motorbike then remember to bring suitable documents such as an international driving permit from your home country, and insurance that will cover you in the event of a crash. 

“Those who want respect, give respect”

In Thailand many accept the adage that “the first person to raise their voice has lost the argument”. Remember this if you ever encounter a problem or issue during your stay.

In Western cultures, many tend to respond to their problems by quickly getting very angry, raising their voice and shouting abuse at the nearest person. 

In many parts of Asia including Thailand, this approach may not always have the desired effect.

Keeping your composure and remaining calm will almost always result in the best outcome to any problem for everyone involved, not in least yourself.

Reasons to hire a private investigator in Pattaya

July 12, 2023 - Reading time: 8 minutes

Pattaya Private Investigators logo

PattayaPI is a leading private detective agency based in Pattaya, Thailand. We can assist with all of your investigative needs in Pattaya, Jomtien, Chon Buri, and even on nearby islands such as Koh Chang, Koh Lan, Koh Samet, et al... But what are some of the reasons for which you might require a private investigator in Pattaya? Let's take a closer look in this article.

1. Cheating partner investigations

Pattaya, Thailand, is known the world over for its lively nightlife scenes - Pattaya has been described, amongst other things, as 'the Ibiza of Asia'. However, there is a darker side to the city's nightlife. ABC news estimated that there were approximately 50,000 active sex workers in Pattaya before Covid restrictions shutdown tourism in early 2020 [source].

Private investigators taking photos with a camera

With such a large volume of night life workers all packed into a relatively small city, it is easy to understand how issues surrounding infidelity can arise, especially with alcohol and other substances thrown into the mix.

If an individual is involved in the sex industry themselves, then they will probably never admit this to their partners or potential partners... If your partner is living in Pattaya or visiting the city, then in such cases an experienced private investigator can help to examine the facts by checking on the lifestyle and activities of your spouse. Infidelity involving the sex industry is a common feature of cheating partner investigations conducted by us.

My girlfriend lives in Pattaya

Pattaya is well known for its notorious nightlife entertainment and red-light areas. If your girlfriend is living in Pattaya, then you would be wise to harbour concerns over her activities within the city. 

Often is the case that foreign men will become involved in relationships with bar girls, who will always claim: "I will never leave the bar with customers! I only make money through tips and lady drinks!" - In most cases we find that the lady is still accepting 'bar fines' and leaving the bar with customers, despite what she claims to her boyfriend.

On the other hand, if you are dating a lady that lives in Pattaya over the internet and have never met her in real life, then she may claim to have a job working in a restaurant or a convenience store, while she in fact works in the nightlife scene... You may think that 'it could never happen to you', however after having conducted investigations over a number of years we can safely say that most guys adopt this type of mentality, ultimately to their detriment. If a lady works in the sex industry and has an opportunity to lie about it, then she will probably make the lie seem extremely convincing. Discovering the truth whilst you are thousands of miles away without hiring a PI will likely prove impossible.

Ladies that work 'normal jobs' in Pattaya still have the opportunity to make money from the sex industry by visiting bars and clubs which are 'freelancer friendly'; these venues can be visited by ladies in the evenings for an opportunity to hookup with foreign clients. 

If you suspect that your partner could be cheating on you, then we can help to check their lifestyle and activities by conducting surveillance.

Contact us

We offer free quotes for all work, feel free to get in touch with one of our experienced team members for more information and a free quote.

My boyfriend or husband is visiting Pattaya

If your boyfriend or husband is visiting Pattaya, then you would be wise to hold concerns over his potential activities here. Frequently described in media outlets as "the sex tourism capital of the world", we have investigated countless foreign men that have indulged in the city's red light areas during their trips here.

A sign for foreign tourists advertising beers, girls and fun, without your wife

Whether your boyfriend or husband is visiting Pattaya alone or with a group of friends; he may well adopt the mindset that "what happens in Pattaya stays in Pattaya" - with low cost sexual services available in all corners of the city, the adage is often true, unless the man's girlfriend or wife decides to hire us in order to conduct an investigation.

2. Background check investigations

Background checks can be useful in a number of different situations. If you are romantically involved with a Thai person, for example, then we can help to perform a premarital background check on them in order to check and verify their situation and circumstances. Premarital checks can help to lower your risk of falling victim to a romance scam, and help to confirm your partner's circumstances before taking the step to become legally married.

We can also help with pre-hire checks for employers and corporate background checks.

Whatever the use case, background checks are typically intended to mitigate risk of financial loss to our clients. If you would like further information on our background check service then please feel free to get in touch with us in order to request a free quote. 

3. Business investigations

If you are doing business in any country in the world, then it often makes sense to perform due diligence before signing an agreement or parting with your capital. If you are doing business as a foreigner in a country such as Thailand; then performing due diligence is an especially wise endeavour. Due diligence is necessary to help make informed decisions.

At PattayaPI, we have years of experience in performing business investigations, due diligence, process serving, corporate surveillance, and more. Feel free to get in touch with one of our experienced team members for help and advice.

4. Missing people investigations

PattayaPI have a long established history of helping to search for and locate missing people within Pattaya city. However, our services do not stop at Pattaya and we can search for individuals across all areas of Thailand.

Missing people cases can be some of the most challenging, and also rewarding cases handled by us. No two situations are the same and our strategy in each case will depend on the unique circumstances in each respective case. Much will also depend on the information which our client is able to provide us with relating to the missing person, and their reason for seeking to locate them.

If you require our help with a missing person investigation then please include as much information as possible so that we are able to understand your case.

Thai girlfriend scams in Pattaya

December 31, 2021 - Reading time: 9 minutes

Are you looking for a girlfriend in Pattaya, or are you already dating a Thai girl that lives in Pattaya? Women from around Thailand travel to Pattaya for work and to meet foreign boyfriends. It has been said that there is nowhere in the world quite the same as Pattaya, for several different reasons.

Although this article focuses on ladies that work in Pattaya, it can also apply if your girlfriend lives in Phuket, Bangkok, Koh Samui, or any ‘tourist destination’ in Thailand which has a popular nightlife scene.

This article aims to shed light on some of the more common Thai girlfriend scams which we see in Pattaya and at other popular destinations in Thailand. You may read this article thinking that it could never happen to you, many guys that fall victim to scams harbour this sort of mentality. 

Being aware of common tricks and learning to ask questions can go a long way. If you believe that you are being scammed then a private detective can often help to find answers for you.

Bar girl scams in Pattaya

If your girlfriend is working at a bar in Pattaya then the odds that she will cheat on you and service other clients are extremely high. Many ladies will tell their boyfriends that they ‘never leave the bar with customers’, and in many cases their boyfriends actually believe this.

Asian lady on a busy street

Most bar girls are great at concealing their activities from their boyfriends, after all, it’s their job. Whether a bar girl calls you from the toilet of her customer’s hotel room to explain that she is ‘tired and going to bed’, or her ‘battery died’ and she wasn’t able to contact you for several hours… If your girlfriend works at a bar then don’t expect to find out if she is with other men unless you are actually in Thailand. 

It can be easy to fool your partner, even if you are speaking to them through the internet every day. How would you ever find out unless you are in Thailand seeing what is going on with your own eyes?

Bar girls are aware that their profession makes them unappealing to some foreigners, which is why they often conceal their work when searching for boyfriends through internet dating sites and apps.

If the lady is openly working in a bar (beer bar, or go-go bar, massage parlour, etc), then she will simply claim not to see any other customers. The reality of the situation is usually different.

We have seen many cases where our clients believed that their girlfriend had a ‘normal job’ in Pattaya however they were actually working full time at a bar. Other ladies may have regular jobs but ‘freelance’ at one of the many nightclubs or beer bars in Pattaya during the evenings and night time.

Internet dating a girl that lives in Pattaya

Many ladies that use internet dating will continue to meet with men until they have found a truly ‘serious relationship’ and a man that is able to support them adequately. If you have never met your Thai girlfriend in real life, or if you are not supporting her financially (and she is in a bad position financially), then the odds of this happening will be considerably higher.

Lady reading a smartphone

In Thai culture, many do not recognize a relationship as legitimate until a wedding has taken place. If you are not married to your Thai girlfriend and she perceives that your relationship with her is not serious, then she might continue to date other guys until a serious enough relationship materialises.

Another factor with internet dating is that you do not truly know the history and activities of your partner. For example, in one case we were asked to investigate a Thai lady that was attending university. It turned out that she was working at a bar in Pattaya.

In another case a lady that was internet dating a foreign man told him that she worked full time at a coffee shop. It turned out that she was not working at the coffee shop and instead worked at a bar... She used photos of herself wearing a barista uniform on social media to make the lie convincing.

Once a guy has fallen in love with a lady that he met through internet dating, he will be less likely to question the truthfulness of anything she says, telling lies can become extremely easy. 

Multiple boyfriend scams

The so-called multiple boyfriend scam is one of the oldest tricks in the book. For ladies that are working in bars, or any establishment where they meet foreigners on a regular basis, forging relationships and finding boyfriends can be easier than you might think. 


If a lady is young and good looking (or even if she’s not!) it can often be easy for a beautiful woman to find half a dozen foreigners that are eager to be with her - the internet can help to make finding customers even easier.

Every man will believe that he is the only guy in her life. Perhaps some of these men will send her an ‘allowance’ every month, some others might only buy her gifts occasionally or help out with money sometimes… Others may just fly over to Thailand and spend a lot of money on her during their vacations here.

We have even seen cases where a lady will have an older guy (or guys) sending her money, while she is living with a much younger foreign man that is perhaps easier on the eyes but in a worse position financially.

This type of scam is usually run in a very ‘long haul’ type of way… A lady will not start asking you for money right off the bat. She is more likely to speak with you regularly for several months or even years; eventually she may need help with money, and by this point your feelings for her will be strong enough that you don’t question what you are being told. 

Fake identity scams

Fake identity scams are romance scams whereby the scam artist will steal another person’s identity. They will typically scrape photos from a victim’s social media pages and then use those photos claiming the victim to be themselves.

Fake identity scams have erupted globally alongside the growth of internet dating, and we often see romance scams which involve fake identities.

Holding a mask

If you are speaking to a person over the internet and have never met them in real life then how can you ever really be sure who you are speaking to? We have seen many cases where our clients found it hard to believe that they have been scammed. Without seeking help, they may have spent more months or even years believing themselves to be in a relationship with a person that does not really exist. 

The perpetrators of fake identity scams are often not based in Thailand – you may find yourself speaking to a random person in an unknown country. You may think that something like this could never happen to you, but the unfortunate reality is that it does happen to many victims each year.

If you have any doubts about the identity of your partner then feel free to get in touch with us, we can help to verify their story and make sure that everything is as it should be.

We can help

PattayaPI are a leading detective agency based in Pattaya and covering most areas of Thailand.


If you suspect that your partner could be scamming or cheating on you then feel free to get in touch with one of our experienced team members – we offer free quotes for all work and all contact with us is strictly private & confidential. Please include as much information as possible with your inquiry so that we are able to understand your case and offer a quote if we are able to help.

Visit the PattayaPI Homepage for more information.

10 things to consider before marrying a Thai lady

December 15, 2021 - Reading time: 10 minutes

If you are getting married to a Thai lady, then there are likely to be many differences between your wife's culture and your own culture which you will gradually become aware of throughout the course of your relationship. We have put together the following list which touches on some of these differences, and things to consider before getting married to a Thai lady.

Disclaimer: Not all Thai women are the same and many are very different to each other! This article aims to highlight some of the more common cultural differences that are encountered in relationships between Thai ladies and foreign men, it does not by any means represent all of these relationships nor represent all Thai women.

1. Many Thai ladies have ‘traditional values’

Over time attitudes in Thailand are gradually shifting, especially with influence from Western cultures. However, Thai ladies have often been described as having what Westerns would term as ‘traditional family values’. It has been said that the concept of feminism is not well-known in Thailand, and that many ladies are happy to cook and clean their family homes – more so than some Western ladies. Although it must be said, this type of attitude does go both ways, and if you are expecting your Thai wife to wait on you hand and foot then she will likely expect you to provide for her and her family financially.

2. You will never be as important as her family

Family bonds are very strong and important for most Thai people. No matter how devoted your Thai wife is to you, she is likely to always prioritize her family over you, especially her mother and father.

If her parents are ever in trouble or in a dire need of money for example, then the obligation will typically fall upon their daughter, and ultimately yourself if you are married to her.

Thai woman smiling

This is not necessarily a bad point so long as you build a good relationship with your partner’s family. Many foreigners develop a close bond between themselves and the family of their Thai wife – they will ultimately become part of your family.

3. Thai women love spicy food

Most Thai women love spicy food. As a foreigner, you might find that your wife likes to eat foods which you find ‘weird and wonderful’. Many traditional Thai dishes which are consumed in Isan and other parts of Thailand are far different from the type of foods which you might find served up in a Thai restaurant located in Europe, America, or any Western country… We’re talking about heavy servings of fish sauce, raw crab dishes, papaya salad, fermented meats, and many others. 

This may seem like an obvious point, however, if you are planning for your Thai wife to live with you in your home country, then finding food that she likes to eat can be a challenge. Of course, all Thai people are different and many Thais are able to eat Western foods – however, many Thai ladies can struggle to adjust when it comes to eating foreign foods which have less spice and flavour.

4. Thai women don’t care as much about your looks and age

This point is another generalization which does not apply to all Thai women. However, on the whole, if you are coming from a Western culture then you may notice that women in Thailand are not always as superficial as many ladies back in the West. Whether you are balding, overweight, or elderly, many Thai women are willing to forego your superficial downfalls if you are what they describe as ‘jai dee’. Jai dee basically translates to ‘good heart’.

For a lot of Thai ladies, the most important characteristic of their foreign partner is to have a ‘good heart’ – meaning that they are kind and good natured. If a Thai lady falls in love with you then she may be willing to overlook your superficial traits.

5. Thai women like having children

Family is very important to most Thai people, as we touched on in point 2. Family units tend to operate quite differently in Thai culture compared to the West. For example, many Thais see their children as a kind of retirement policy… When they grow old their children are often expected to help out their parents financially.

Thai lady smiling

As a result of the Thai attitude towards family, many ladies are keen to have several children, even if their husband is getting on in age. It is not uncommon to see 60+ year old foreign men in Thailand with infant children.

6. Thai women enjoy nature

Many Thai ladies enjoy nature, spending time in nature, and growing their own food or working on the land. This point is especially true if your partner comes from a rural farming area (especially the provinces of Isaan in north-east Thailand) – this applies to many of the ladies that form relationships with foreigners.

7. Thai ladies are loyal to their partners

This is another point which is highly subjective! If you met your Thai girlfriend in a bar, nightclub, or in any other ‘adult entertainment zone’, then this point may not apply to your partner. Similarly, if you have met a Thai lady through internet dating and only speak to her through the internet, then it is very hard to judge whether or not this point applies. Many of our clients that meet women through the internet wind up falling victim to romance scams.

When a Thai lady has gotten to know you, and has spent a significant amount of time together with you (this means real life contact – not talking over the internet), then you will gradually start to form a serious relationship…

Once you have established a serious relationship (this usually culminates in getting married), Thai women tend to be very loyal and dedicated to their partners. Most Thai ladies view marriage as a strong commitment and will stick together with their partners ‘through thick and thin’. It is not uncommon to find foreign men that have been married to their Thai wives for many decades in some cases.

8. Thai wives control the money

If a Thai lady takes the roll of a homemaker, then she will be responsible for buying food for the family, and purchasing everyday items such as clothes, cleaning supplies, and any other household consumables.

Counting dollar bills

If a lady is responsible for purchasing everything for her family, then it only makes sense that she would have control over the money. Whether this means opening a joint bank account or giving your wife an ‘allowance’ to take care of the home (or your share of it), allowing your wife to control most of the family’s money is a concept which is prevalent in many Eastern countries such as Thailand.

9. Learning the Thai language can help

Being able to communicate properly with your Thai girlfriend or wife is very important. If your partner’s English skills aren’t great, then most major cities in Thailand have a number of different language schools which can help your partner to hone and perfect her English-speaking abilities. Language schools are cheap and prevalent in most areas of Thailand.

If your partner is not located in a major city then online learning is another option which can be cheap or free in many cases.

However, you shouldn’t place the full burden of learning another language onto your partner! Learning to speak some Thai can go a long way and shows that you are willing to make an effort to accommodate your Thai wife, her in-laws will likely appreciate it too.

10. Cleanliness is important to Thai women

Cleanliness is very important in Thai culture. In a hot climate such as Thailand, showering multiple times every day is needed in order to cool off and prevent the smell of body odour. Most Thai people take pride in keeping their homes spotlessly clean, sweeping the floor of their home every day is a must for many Thai people.

Thai women in general do not like dirty people. If you are dating or getting married to a Thai lady then take good care of your personal hygiene and the cleanliness of your home.

Check your Thai girlfriend before getting married

Are you making the right decision to marry your Thai girlfriend or even continue in a relationship with her? Our detectives can help to check your Thai girlfriend before you get married to her. Running a pre-marital background check on your Thai partner can be a wise decision and help you to avoid making costly mistakes.

If you are interested in using our services to check your Thai girlfriend then please contact one of our experienced team members for a free quote. Please include as much information as possible with your inquiry and we will do our best to offer advice on how best we can help. All contact with us is strictly private and confidential.

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