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Surveillance in Thailand

Surveillance and Counter Surveillance

Personal surveillance can be used during many different forms of investigation. From infidelity investigations to missing people cases, business due diligence, and many more; surveillance can be used to gather information which is useful to our clients under countless different circumstances.

During surveillance our aim is to observe the subject, record their movements, and collect evidence as proof of their activities in the form of photos/video. We will then inform our client of the outcome in a detailed report; or in some cases our clients instead prefer to be updated with the progress of their case in real time. Please state your preference when getting in touch with us and starting a case.

In order to conduct surveillance discreetly, we endeavour to employ agents from all different ages, classes, and walks of life to perform surveillance for us. Depending on the nature of the investigation, we will aim to select staff members best able to blend into the specific environment in your case. Please be sure to include as much information and details as possible when getting in touch with us so that we are able to understand the nature of your case and offer the best possible solution.

Predicting the total amount of surveillance time that will be required in your case is usually extremely difficult and can depend on a whole number of different variables which are outside of our control. We have taken on cases where we were able to gather conclusive evidence during the first 1 hour of surveillance, for example, but more often the assignment will be spread across several days or weeks.

The total amount of surveillance time required in your case will effectively depend on the subject’s lifestyle and movements, choosing times to start and end surveillance tactfully can help to bring a swift conclusion to a case, though predicting a person’s movements is often more difficult than it seems.

The point at which incriminating evidence is first gathered is not always the ending point of a surveillance case. With infidelity cases for example, sometimes our clients may observe their partner committing acts of infidelity, but will continue to observe them in order to learn more about their behaviour patterns over a prolonged period. If a person is committing acts of infidelity, they are typically repeating this behaviour on a regular basis. Our clients decide for themselves when they have seen enough, and how far down the rabbit hole they decide to venture.

Suffice it to say that our aim is to go unnoticed by the subject during surveillance; the tactics which we use to achieve this will all depend on the situation and circumstances related to your case.

Conducting surveillance may not always be the best way to resolve your case, depending on the circumstances and the type of information that you are seeking. Please let us know what you are seeking to establish, and any other relevant details when getting in touch with us. We will do our best to understand your requirements and offer the best, most cost-effective solution in your case.

Counter surveillance in Thailand

Thailand is a country which is home to a great number of private investigation agencies and firms that are happy to surveil people for all manner of different reasons. However, surveillance can also take place for darker, and more malicious reasons. If you believe that you are the subject of surveillance, then we can help to detect this as part of our counter surveillance service.

Whether you have been placed under surveillance by your partner, business associate, or business rival, we can help to check and confirm that hostile surveillance is being used against you.

If you believe that yourself or your property has been placed under surveillance, we would stress to you that all forms of attack such as robbery, kidnapping, or extremism, all require the attacker to carry out hostile intelligence gathering at some stage beforehand. Early recognition of hostile surveillance can help to allow for time and forewarning to mitigate against these threats. It would be wise to never underestimate the threat posted by unknown adversaries and to take appropriate counter measures before it is too late.

If a person is being subjected to surveillance, then we would recommend that they remain wary of electronic surveillance measures and withhold from making private conversations inside their home, workplace, or vehicle, until comprehensive bug sweeps have been carried out in these areas. If an adversary is prepared to place you under physical surveillance, then it should be expected that they will also make efforts to conduct digital surveillance in the form of electronic eavesdropping.

Once we have established that our client is the subject of surveillance, we can then work to identify any hostile agents. More often though, detecting hostile surveillance can create an excellent opportunity to spread misinformation and FUD; endeavouring to cause as much capital expenditure as possible for the other side whilst hindering their efforts to gather useful information with the tactful use of red herrings.

We offer our surveillance and counter surveillance services in Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, and all areas of Thailand. Please get in touch with us for more information and a free quote.

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