Can you bar fine my girlfriend?

January 19, 2018 - Reading time: 3 minutes

“Can you bar fine my girlfriend?” – This is a question we regularly answer for our clients. Thousands of men visit Pattaya, or Bangkok every year and become involved in romances with ladies working in beer bars or agogos. In the PI world we call this type of job a “sting operation” or a “honeypot trap”. It is a test of faithfulness that cannot be argued and leaves no doubt of the situation.

You might already have questions about the faithfulness of your girlfriend… Is she hiding her phone screen from you? Is she still talking to that guy on Facebook? Often times, if your girlfriend is working at a bar in Pattaya, the easiest way to figure out if she is loyal to you is a simple “bar fine test”. This is usually cheaper, faster and more effective than other routes of investigation.

If you looking to hire a private detective to attempt and bar fine your girlfriend, there are some things you should consider:

The first thing you should consider is the age of investigator you’re hiring. Popular bar girls can earn good money through customers buying drinks for them as well as tips. A lot of the time these girls aren’t desperate and can pick and choose who they spend the night with. The results of a bar fine test can vary hugely, for example if you were to hire a 60-year-old investigator, verses a 35-year-old smartly dressed foreigner.

At PattayaPI, we prefer to use younger men for these tests, and ensure that they are always smartly dressed and polite. If you hire a PI that wears a stained Chang beer tank top, your results may not be accurate. Saving face is a huge part of Thai culture and society. A bar girl that leaves the premises with a scruffy looking customer may lose face (damage her reputation) among her friends working in the bar.

Another important element to bar fine tests is evidence gathering. We have access to state of the art hidden camera equipment; however it can be extremely difficult to capture hidden camera video inside beer bars or agogos in Thailand. We have found in the past that the extremely loud disco music in most bars tends to drown out the conversation we’re trying to record. Capturing images with hidden cameras can also be challenging due to the dark lightening in a lot of establishments, combined with bright disco lighting… This can be a real problem as hidden cameras have very small lenses and the images can come out over exposed and be very disappointing.

We have developed unique techniques of proving to you that your girlfriend isn’t being faithful to you in the bar. Get in contact with us, explaining the details of your situation and we’ll be glad to explain what we think is the best evidence gathering technique for your scenario.

Lastly you should be prepared for the result, whichever way it goes. At PattayaPI, we will always offer you advice and support on your situation and suggest to you what we think is the best way forward. Of course, some of our clients don’t want advice from us and that’s fine too.

We are quite simply the best private investigators for determining the faithfulness of your girlfriend or wife, whether that means a bar fine test or a more elaborate investigation. Get in touch with us for a free, no pressure consultation.

Do you need to find a prisoner in Thailand?

January 7, 2018 - Reading time: 2 minutes

There are countless unfortunate reasons why someone you care about could be locked up in Thailand. From simple drink driving to more serious accusations, thousands of foreigners find themselves behind bars in Thailand’s ruthless jail houses. At PattayaPI, we have a proven track record of liaising with the police, tracking down prisoners and delivering messages, as well as basic aid such as food, toiletries and money. If you are not sure that your friend or loved one has been locked up in a Thai prison or jail, we are able to discover if they have for you and keep you updated through every step of the process. We understand that losing track of someone can be extremely stressful, especially if you suspect that they may be locked up in a developing country such as Thailand.

We will work with you to deliver results as fast as possible and put your mind at ease. We are more than just investigators, we truly care about helping foreigners that have found themselves behind bars and will endeavor to help them no matter what they have been accused of. It can be very difficult to find a competent lawyer in Thailand that has a good level of English and will put the effort in to representing their client to the best of their abilities. We are able to put you in touch with the best lawyers in this country, guaranteeing you the best access to legal representation and the best chance of freedom. As the saying goes, it's not what you know but who you know. This could not be truer in the land of smiles… We rely on our extensive range of contacts to assist us through investigations, securing you the best possible results as quickly as possible, all while keeping you updated in real time through every step of the process.

If you think that someone you care about may have been locked up in Thailand, get in touch with us and see how we can help you.

Happy new year from PattayaPI

January 1, 2018 - Reading time: 1 minutes

From all of the staff and associates of PattayaPI, we would like to wish all of our clients new and old a happy new year for 2018 (or 2561). We are excited to take on new cases this year and eager to help anyone with their problems in the land of smiles.

We try to be more than just investigators, offering support and advice to our clients throughout the process and relying on our years of experience helping foreigners in Thailand.

We offer free, no pressure consultations for all work carried out. We will take the time to assess your situation and come up with the most effective way to get a result for you, offering a fixed quote with no hidden fees or charges.

We wish you the best of luck in 2018 and may all of your problems be overcome with the help of PattayaPI!

Thai women with tattoos

December 13, 2017 - Reading time: 3 minutes

On our website we list tattoos as a warning sign when getting involved with a Thai lady. On the face of it this may seem judgmental, but it is not without very good reason.

Thai women with tattoos

Tattoos in western countries are now firmly a part of pop culture. The days when tattoos were only seen on bikers, sailors and criminals are now long gone. In the west, tattoos are no longer a cause of stigma, they can be found on people from all walks of life and positions in society. Many high profile celebrities wear tattoos, and it’s not uncommon for those in respected positions to have tattoos in the USA and Europe.

In Thailand the situation is very different. Traditional Thai culture is quite reserved and conservative… You would be forgiven for thinking otherwise after spending a few nights drinking in Pattaya or any other tourist geared party area of the country. Older generations of Thai people frown on tattoos. The exception to this being sak yant, also known as “magic tattoos”, which are believed to offer the wearer protection and good fortune. These are seen much differently than images which have no religious significance.

However, sak yant tattoos are traditionally seen on Thai men. You will struggle to find sak yant , or any type of tattoo on an elderly Thai woman in the massive rural areas of Thailand.

Fashion tattoos, or any imagery aside from sak yant, are absolutely frowned on by most elderly people in Thailand. If you’re talking about a young Thai girl, this is likely to include her parents, grandparents and extended family. She has potentially isolated members of her family by getting tattooed.

Whilst we can’t demonstrate this statistically, we know from experience that a huge bulk of women with ink have previously been involved with the sex industry. These two things seem to go at least somewhat hand in hand in Thailand.

Pattaya bar girl investigations
Learn more about bar girl investigations.

The sex industry is stigmatized in Thai culture. It is not an acceptable occupation in Thailand and the lowest possible step of the social class ladder. Ask yourself, why would a Thai lady tattoo herself, when in doing so she permanently marks an involvement with the sex industry?

The attitude towards non-religious tattoos in Thailand is gradually shifting. Younger generations are becoming more and more tolerant of the practice as they’re exposed to it through western media, the internet, and meeting tattooed foreigners in person. There are Thai ladies with ink out there that have never been involved with the sex trade and simply enjoy this style of art work. However, this type of woman is in the minority.

For the time being at least, tattoos are largely stigmatized by older generations of Thais. While we wouldn’t suggest condemning someone based solely on their appearance, the presence of tattoos can be a contributing factor when judging the character of a Thai lady.

If you're starting to get involved with a Thai lady, all is not lost. If you have suspicions that she may be sleeping with other men while you're out of the country, or that she is already in another relationship, get in touch with us. We can put your mind at ease and probably for cheaper than you might think. Simply send us a message with the details of your situation and we'll reply to you with a free, no obligation quote.

Pattaya private investigators

Licensed private investigators in Thailand

December 6, 2017 - Reading time: 1 minutes

There is no licensing system for private investigators in Thailand. We are aware that certain “PIs” are claiming to be licensed; these claims are misleading and frankly untrue. While a company is able to be the member of an association or group, for example the Investigations WorldWide Association; this in itself does not amount to any type of license being issued, nor does it grant any special privileges to that company. It would be a matter of semantics to argue that the membership of an association amounts to being licensed… We believe this is very straightforward and that to claim you are licensed, when there is no licensing system in place, is misleading. We at PattayaPI would welcome the introduction of a licensing system for private investigators; this would regulate the industry and stop just anyone from claiming to be a PI. It would also (likely) give those with licenses access to government databases, otherwise off-limits to the public, which would be extremely useful to us and our clients in many different circumstances. Many western countries do not have a licensing system and we are doubtful that the Thai government will decide to regulate this industry in the near future. For the moment at least, you need to rely on your own judgment when deciding who to hire. We think that if someone is claiming to hold a license that they in fact do not, this should act as a massive red flag when making your decision.

Involved with a Thai lady? Should you hire a private investigator?

November 28, 2017 - Reading time: 2 minutes

Are you involved with a Thai lady and considering hiring a private investigator? We understand the sort of dilemma you're facing. Here are some things we think you should consider.

Case study: John Doe

John Doe is just a regular guy. He works a nine to five job and pays his bills. Bored with the monotony of everyday life, John visited Thailand... He may have had no intention of flying to the land of smiles to meet a woman, most often this is the case. To cut a long story short, John is now supporting his Thai spouse and sending money to her every month, every week, or whenever she needs it.

There is nothing wrong with being involved with a Thai woman; even a lady that has had dealings with the sex industry. It can work, and it has worked for thousands of men. Please see the older posts on this blog for more insight into this.

Back to our friend John… He's now sending an average of 30,000 Thai baht per month to his girlfriend in Pattaya. If this woman is loyal to John, there is nothing wrong with this. He is supporting someone he loves and she is enjoying a more comfortable life as a result.

John has suspicions about his Thai girlfriend. He loves her, and doesn't want to believe these suspicions, but they exist nonetheless. He decides to hire PattayaPI to conduct a sting operation. He pays 6,000 baht for this investigation to go ahead. It does and unfortunately John discovers his girlfriend is open to spending time in other men's hotel rooms.

Ask yourself this: Has John wasted money by hiring us for an investigation? After he discovers his girlfriend is not loyal to him, he stops sending her 30,000 baht per month. After only one week the investigation has paid for itself. After one year John has saved $11,000 US dollars.

On the other hand, if the result of our investigation went in his girlfriend's favor, he has bought himself peace of mind that his relationship will not turn into another Thai horror story he has heard so much about. Our clients tell us that the reassurance this gives them is priceless, and vital for making life changing decisions.

We offer free quotes for all work. You can decide for yourself if it makes sense financially to hire us. It has made sense for hundreds of our past clients and we are proud to have saved them huge amounts of money. On an emotional level, the sooner you learn the truth about someone, the easier it will be to cut ties with that person. We always recommend that if you are having doubts to address them immediately, rather than continue on with a potentially disastrous relationship for months or even years.