Happy Songkran from PattayaPI

April 15, 2018 - Reading time: 1 minutes

On behalf of everyone at PattayaPI we would like to wish our clients, both new an old, a very happy Songkran.

The Songkran water festival, otherwise known as the Thai new year, is always a time for happiness and celebration across Thailand. It is celebrated at different dates across the kingdom, with Songkran in Pattaya taking place on the 18–19th of April.

Despite this being a jovial time of year in Thailand, Songkran often marks an increase in road accidents and deaths. This is partly caused by irresponsible revelers drinking and driving, partying near busy streets and spraying water into the faces of speeding motorcyclists. Due to poor water sanitation in Thailand it has been claimed that the festival marks an increase in the transmission of water borne diseases... So try to prevent the water from being blasted into your eyes, ears and mouth where possible!

We hope that foreigners visiting Thailand during Songkran will be considerate to others and have a great time during the festival. Be aware of the risks, stay safe and enjoy yourselves in this wonderful country. Happy Songkran!

Have you met a Thai bar girl over Songkran?... Maybe you're worried about what your girlfriend is doing when you're not in the country? We have investigated countless Thai ladies in Pattaya from all walks of life and can offer free advice on your situation. Send us a message now with information about your case for a free quotation.

20% off mSpy promotional code

March 23, 2018 - Reading time: 2 minutes

As private investigators, we always suggest using mSpy monitoring software. mSpy allows you to monitor everything that is going on with your phone from anywhere in the world using an internet-based control panel which logs and displays the data. There is no better way to protect the safety of your children than by spying on their cellphone use. mSpy works with iPhones, Android devices, computers and tablets.

We are able to offer our readers a 20% discount coupon for all mSpy products. Simply click the button below to be directed to the mSpy website with your discount applied.

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The reason we recommend mSpy is that we believe it is the best and most powerful cellphone monitoring software available. We have tried and tested many different software products for monitoring cellphone use.

Only mSpy is able to grab data from the most popular mobile applications, such as WhatsApp, LINE, Facebook, Messenger, calls/SMS, video/images, and so much more! Once mSpy has been installed on your target device it is completely invisible to the end user.

With many spy software you are required to “root” or “jailbreak” the phone in order to unlock the software’s full functionality. mSpy is able to retain much of its functionality without going through the process of jailbreaking your phone. However, we do recommend jailbreaking your phone before installing mSpy. This process is very easy and there are many guides on YouTube to do this… Just search for “how to root my iPhone” or “how to root my Android”.

Once you have purchased mSpy, the process to install it on your target device is very simple and easy. You will receive a download link from the mSpy website, clicking the link will download and install the software on your target device. That’s it! All phone activity such as WhatsApp messages, phone calls and GPS locations will be visible only to you in the online control panel.

The process to install mSpy is very easy and they offer 24/7 support through their website. If you have any problems with the software we have found their support staff are always polite and helpful.

Please note that you are responsible for your use of this software and we will not accept liability for misuse of it.

Which cell phone monitoring software is used by private investigators?

March 17, 2018 - Reading time: 2 minutes

Do you need to track and monitor your cellphone? As busy private investigators based in Pattaya, Thailand, we're often asked about tracking mobile phones and how this is possible. We have experimented with hundreds of different software products and have found the best, easiest to use solution for ourselves and our clients. mSpy monitoring software is the only software package that we use ourselves and recommend to our clients. This is the most powerful software available for monitoring cell phone use and mSpy have support staff working around the clock to help you if you have any problems. Because of their fantastic support staff we have no issues recommending this product and we don't recommend anything else.

Using this software, you will be able to monitor:

  • Phone calls, text messages and contacts saved in the phone
  • Monitor WhatsApp, LINE, Facebook, Viber, Skype, iMessenger! messages
  • View internet history
  • View photos and videos taken with the bugged phone
  • Live GPS locations

 Track any phone messages 

Many different cellphone monitors require you to jailbreak or root the device. This software has many different functions which operate without the device being jailbroken or "rooted". mSpy monitoring software works with computers, tablets, iPhones and Android devices. The installation process is very easy and takes less than 5 minutes to be fully setup. We recommend the "PREMIUM" package when placing your order. Although the basic package is cheaper it lacks many of the advanced features that make this software so great. Using this software is very easy. Once you have purchased a subscription you will receive a download link. Simply access the download link from your mobile device and the software will automatically install itself.

You will then be able to access and monitor all information from the device through an internet control panel. The spy application will be totally hidden on the device and it will be impossible to detect. Allowing children to use internet enabled devices is a big concern for any parent, especially those who work long hours and just aren't around to see what their kids are getting up to online. Using mSpy, you will be able to view all activity from your children from anywhere in the world using the internet based control panel. If you are not able to install this software yourself, we can even purchase a cellphone and install mSpy for you. We will then send your device to you using EMS shipping inside Thailand, you will then be able to access the mSpy control panel and monitor your own device with ease. We find that this is a great option for customers that can't install the software themselves and need a monitored cellphone inside Thailand. This software works in any country worldwide!

Please note that you are responsible for your use of this software and we will not accept liability for misuse of it.

Does your girlfriend work in a Thai massage parlor?

March 10, 2018 - Reading time: 2 minutes

Does your girlfriend work in a Thai massage parlor? Thai massage is famous the world over. If you mention “Thai massage” to anyone that hasn’t visited Thailand, you might find them associate it with the sex industry and mentions of “happy ending massages”. There are thousands of massage shops all over Bangkok and Pattaya. Many of them offer massages in large open plan rooms… Many other shops have private rooms that customers are lead to for their massages; and plenty other shops provide ‘short-time’ hotel rooms above the massage shop itself.

If someone tells you that they work in a massage shop in Thailand, it’s impossible for you to know if they are involved in the sex industry or not. Many massage shops are legitimate businesses with the staff being trained at a massage school before starting work. Illicit businesses do not advertise themselves as such, as their activities are against Thai law. Genuine massage shops look identical to massage shops which act as brothels and allow their staff to work as prostitutes. You cannot tell simply by looking at a massage shop if they have private rooms upstairs or offer other services to their customers.

Seedy massage shops do not hire trained staff. Genuine masseurs in Thailand attend 3-4 week long courses to learn the proper way to give a traditional Thai massage. The only way to be sure that your girlfriend or partner is not selling sex or ‘massages with extras’ is to hire a private investigator… And that’s where we come in. We have busted hundreds of Thai women working in massage parlors and selling themselves for money. We can guarantee you the best access to the truth and offer nothing but facts in how events unfolded. We never pay for extras or sexual services; our job is only to establish the truth and report back to our clients.

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10 warning signs to look for in your Thai girlfriend or wife

March 3, 2018 - Reading time: 6 minutes

Thai girlfriend warning signs
Thousands of foreign guys visit Thailand each year and form romantic relationships with Thai women. If you're one of them, you should be aware of signs and things to look for in your Asian spouse. Thai culture is very different to countries in the west, so we've compiled these top 10 warning signs we think are a good starting point.

10 warning signs to look for in your Thai girlfriend or wife

  1. She constantly talks about money or asks you for money
    A good Thai woman would never request money from a man she is just starting a relationship with; this is not an appropriate sign when you are still getting to know each other and should act as a red flag. Common excuses for money can include: her parent’s buffalo is sick, she needs money for her family's medical bills, home improvement, or even just help paying for rent and food... Many Thai women that have been involved with the sex industry are especially good liars and know how to get money from foreign men!

  2. She spends a lot of time in bars
    Alcohol is tolerated in Thai society and culture, but responsibly so. Most people in Thailand wouldn't consider spending night after night sat on a bar stool getting wasted. If you're looking for a party animal and someone to have a casual time with, this could suit you. But if you're looking for a serious, stable relationship, maybe this isn't the person for you. If your girlfriend is working at a bar in Thailand then this is another story altogether... Most of the bar girls investigated by us are found to be cheating on their foreign boyfriends. Learn more on our bar girl investigations page.

  3. She has tattoos
    While this point in itself doesn't automatically make someone a bad person, tattoos on women are very much frowned on in Thai society. Tattooed women have become synonymous with the sex industry in Thailand with bar girls and go-go dancers frequently sporting ink. Outside of the night life and in normal society, women with tattoos carry a stigma and this should raise another red flag against your Thai partner. See our blog post about Thai women with tattoos.

  4. She smokes cigarettes
    Good women that haven't been involved in the sex industry night life don't tend to use tobacco in Thailand. Smoking cigarettes is very common with ladies working in shady beer bars and can be a sign of a troublesome past.

  5. She wears a large amount of gold
    Gold is worn in Thailand and used as an investment as it can easily be pawned or sold when falling on hard times. However, it should be worn tastefully with no more than a couple of items, for example one necklace and 2 rings. If someone is wearing multiple thick gold chains worth thousands of dollars, they are seen as flaunting their wealth and showing off. This isn't an attractive trait and could be a sign they are used to a very expensive lifestyle.

  6. Her English is very good but she never attended university
    Public schools in Thailand do not tend to teach a high level of English at all. If you're dating someone that speaks English but never attended university or English classes, this could be a sign that they've learned the English they speak by hanging out with foreigners in bars and other seedy places.

  7. She swears a lot
    A good, respectable Thai woman would not use English swear words when speaking to their boyfriend or anyone else. You might find it amusing if your darling swears like a drunken sailor, but this is definitely not a good thing and highly taboo in Thai culture.

  8. She says that all Thai men are "no good"
    With every group of people in the world there are good and bad, and Thai men are no exception. While there may be cases of domestic violence or abuse in Thailand, it's not true that all Thai men are bad. Thai men typically respect their girlfriends or wives in the same way that you would expect with a Western relationship. If a woman tells you that "all Thai men are no good" maybe that's a sign that Thai men just don't like her, and maybe there is a reason for that.

  9. She is constantly on the phone texting while spending time with you
    It is never a good trait if your girlfriend or the lady you're dating is constantly using her phone and texting while you're together. This type of behavior is disrespectful and shows that you’re not deserving of her full attention. You should become extremely suspicious if she hides her phone screen from you or walks away from you to secretly speak with people in English in the toilet or somewhere else... No matter the excuses, these are huge red flags that the woman could actively be in a relationship with another man.

  10. She is involved with illegal drugs
    This by far the most serious warning sign to look for in your prospective partner in Thailand. Drug use and drug dealing is extremely taboo in the kingdom. There are 35 crimes that can earn you a death sentence in Thailand with drug trafficking being on that list. If you encounter anyone involved with illegal drugs in Thailand the best thing to do is walk away.

Check your Thai girlfriend

As a leading detective agency based in Thailand, we have exposed hundreds of Thai women that were found to be cheating on their partners. These are some of the most common services that we provide in order to check Thai women:

  1. Background checks
    Background checks are a good starting point to check your Thai girlfriend and can help you to avoid making costly mistakes. We can check a lady’s marital history, children, employment, education, and many other different factors. We offer standard and enhanced background checks depending on the needs of our client. Read more on our background checks page.

  2. Personal surveillance
    Personal surveillance is perhaps the most typical service provided by private investigators. We can track, follow and monitor people, collecting images and reporting back to our client with the results. Is she visiting other men late at night? Does she flirt with customers or colleagues while at work? Are men visiting her at home? These are the types of questions that surveillance typically answers.

  3. Decoy service
    Our decoy service provides a discreet and cost effective method of checking your Thai girlfriend and is most suited to ladies working in bars, go-gos, massage parlors, hotels, and any customer service oriented job. Most of the bar girls investigated by us are found to continue sleeping with other men while their boyfriends are living abroad - in these cases our decoy service can provide a clear answer to our clients.

We offer free quotes for all work. Please feel free to get in touch with us and see how we can help in your case.

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Do you need to translate a video from Thai to English?

February 24, 2018 - Reading time: 2 minutes

Do you need to translate a video from Thai to English? Translation software is known to be highly unreliable as there are different dialects and accents spoken all across Thailand. Thousands of people in Thai cities originate from Isan in northern Thailand and speak the Laos dialect. These people are often from rural farming communities and travel to cities for work. Foreigners in Thailand tend to learn the 'central' dialect which is common in Bangkok and major cities.

There are many reasons you could need to translate video from Thai to English. Maybe you've heard something on a YouTube video you need to understand or have captured CCTV images on your own property and need a transcript written and translated into English so that you can understand exactly what was said.

It can be difficult for foreigners to comprehend the subtle differences between Thai dialects; and we believe that the only way to get an accurate, reliable translation of audio from video clips is to use native Thai speakers. We can translate any video, voice clip or text from any Thai dialect into English reliably and professionally. Whatever the reason we would be glad to help you and turn around the translated material in the shortest time with little or no prior notice. We appreciate you don’t have time to wait and can deliver a very fast turnaround time.

Sometimes translating video/audio from Thai into English can provide vital clues in an investigation and to find out what someone is hiding, and what their true intentions are! After all, if you don’t speak their language they could be saying anything.

Our customer testimonials are second to none and in hiring us you can be confident that you will receive a high quality service that is truly world class. Get in touch with us for a free quote, including the length of audio you need to be translated so that we can let you know our costs. We are always happy to help anyone that reaches out to us with their problem or dilemma.