How much money does a Thai girlfriend cost?

November 30, 2020 - Reading time: 6 minutes

How much does a Thai girlfriend cost? The answer to this question will depend on the type of lady that you are involved with. Financial support for a Thai girlfriend could range anywhere between 10,000 – 50,000 THB per month, and some men send considerably more money to their partners per month.

The amount of money that it costs to help your girlfriend will depend entirely on her circumstances and lifestyle. Many Thai women are university educated and have decent careers to support themselves and their families… If you are reading this article then we assume your girlfriend does not fit into this category.

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If you are sending money to a Thai lady that is working in a beer bar, a go-go, club, or a similar adult entertainment venue, then she is probably continuing to sleep with customers whether or not you are sending her money. We have seen cases which fall into this category hundreds of times and the results are (almost) always the same. Beware of this and don’t fall victim to the Thai girlfriend scam.

If your Thai girlfriend is accustomed to a high standard of living, then renting a decent property could cost over 10,000 – 50,000 THB per month by itself, in which case the total amount of money she asks from you will obviously be far higher.

When it comes to supporting a Thai girlfriend that is working a menial job, it’s worth nothing that a small amount of money can go a long way in Thailand. Rather than subsidise your girlfriend’s minimum wage salary, why not help her to attend university so that she is able to secure a more profitable career in the future? Compared with the costs involved for schooling in Western countries, foreigners often find that Thailand offers excellent bang for your buck. If your Thai girlfriend owns a small piece of land for example, then you might be able to construct a modest home for 1,000,000 THB or less. The costs involved for a Thai lady to open a small business, or buy farm livestock for example, are probably far less than in Western countries; many foreigners help to make their girlfriends become more self sufficient through carefully investing money into a business or education.

If you are making the commitment of sending your Thai girlfriend money every month then it’s important to make sure she is honest with you, that she is truly working where she claims to be, and that no other men are involved with her. Many foreigners unfortunately fall victim to the Thai girlfriend scam, which usually involves a lady recruiting multiple foreign boyfriends.

While most Thai women are honest people, when you are meeting ladies in places such as Pattaya, you are effectively dealing with a subset of the population who make a living through the tourism industry and forming relationships with foreign men. If you were putting money into a business, it would be wise to perform checks beforehand in order to make sure that you are making a sound investment. Whether investing money into a business or a person (in this case a Thai girlfriend), we feel it always makes sense to perform your own checks beforehand in order to avoid being ripped off.

Does your Thai girlfriend have children?

Many of the ladies that find themselves working in areas of the country such as Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, or Chiang Mai, have travelled to these places because they have a family to support, and often their family will include children from a previous relationship. Thai culture with regards to child support, and taking care of children after you are left a relationship, is often seen much differently than in Western countries. While some Thai men will send money to their ex-partner as child support, it is not uncommon for them to refuse and let the lady fend for herself. Supporting 3 people (2 parents and 1 child) on a minimum wage income would be very difficult or impossible.

Many women can find themselves resorting to work in beer bars or other establishments in order to support themselves. Without an education to apply for a well-paid job, or the capital necessary to start a business, they can find themselves in a financial rut that is often compounded by the burden of debt.

Is your Thai girlfriend in debt?

Personal debt is a big issue for many people living in Thailand, especially in the fallout of Covid-19. Statistically, if you have met a lady in Thailand then it is highly likely she has some form of debt, or is responsible for debt on behalf of her family. Discovering that your Thai girlfriend is in debt can be more difficult than you might think due to the Thai concept of saving face. A Thai lady is not likely to provide you with information that will put you off being in a relationship with her. Often foreigners only discover a lady’s true financial state after knowing her for several years.

Are you her only boyfriend?

Sending money to support a Thai girlfriend is all well and good, as long as you are not falling victim to the Thai girlfriend scam, and understand how the money is being spent. If you are falling victim to the Thai girlfriend scam, then you are effectively dealing with a professional fraudster, and catching a professional fraudster is usually very difficult or impossible, unless you seek professional help. Romance scammers make their living by telling lies and know exactly how to manipulate their foreign boyfriends into doing as they wish.

A good first step when entering into a serious relationship with a Thai lady would be to meet with her parents and learn more about their circumstances. Your girlfriend will be responsible for supporting her parents, and as her partner that responsibility also falls on yourself. Meeting with her parents also shows them that you are serious about the relationship.

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