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Prison visits in Thailand

January 8, 2020 - Reading time: 1 minutes

Is your family member or friend locked up in a Thai prison? We appreciate that incarceration can be an extremely stressful period for friends and relatives, especially if you are based overseas and struggling with language/cultural barriers.

We have found that Western embassies are often overstretched and lacking the resources to properly care for their imprisoned citizens. Our agency can help to fill this void by going the extra mile and supporting our clients through what can be the most stressful period of their lives. We can help to improve the quality of life for prisoners, far beyond the help provided by lawyers or embassy assistance.

Our agency is proud to support the friends and relatives of prisoners incarcerated in Thailand. Furthermore, we are able to arrange VIP prison visits and preferential treatment for your loved one. Using our high level contacts we are able to facilitate VIP prison visits and meetings at any prison in Thailand.

Our contacts are able to improve the standard of life for people locked up in Thai prisons. VIP visits might include extended visiting times and be held in private, out of earshot from other prisoners or prison staff. We can also arrange extra privileges for your loved one such as extra food, toiletries and luxury items, improving their comfort level behind bars.

We are also able to help prisoners wind down and liquidate their assets while locked up, acting in their best interests and protecting their assets.

Please feel free to contact one of our experienced team members for advice on your situation and a free quote.