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Do you need a bugged cellphone?

May 19, 2018 - Reading time: 1 minutes

Disclaimer: We can only track phones which have monitoring software installed. Please do not ask us to track your phone if you cannot install the software.You can install monitoring software yourself or we can sell devices with monitoring software installed. Only track devices which you own. Ideal for parental or business usage.

Bugged cellphones by PattayaPI

Do you need a bugged cellphone? At PattayaPI, we're able to help you install monitoring software on your devices. We can even sell you a "bugged" device. Bugged devices sold by us can be shipped anywhere in Thailand, you will then be able to monitor the activity of your device using an online control panel... Even when you're out of the country!

The beauty of using bugged cellphones is that they are able to record and monitor practically everything the phone is doing. That includes private WhatsApp or LINE messages, Facebook use, phone calls, SMS messages, photos/videos, GPS locations, Tinder use, and much, much more. The software itself is completely invisible to the end user. We are able to deliver bugged cellphones starting at 13,000 THB. This price includes the cellphone itself and EMS shipping anywhere in Thailand. We are able to offer our clients exclusive discounts for monitoring software (see our blog post: 20% off mSpy promotional code), and we have worked to find the most powerful, easy to use software for monitoring devices. There can be no better way to protect your children online than to monitor their internet use, keeping them safe and protected from online predators. Monitoring software, whether installed on a cellphone, tablet or computer, is also great for corporate devices and keeping a close eye on your employees.

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Please note that you are responsible for your use of this software and we will not accept liability for misuse of it.