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Can private investigators track cellphones?

November 24, 2020 - Reading time: 3 minutes

Here is an interesting question that we are often asked: Can private investigators track cellphones? The answer to this question will depend on which country you are in and the laws governing PIs in each case. However, we can provide a broad answer to this question that is true in many cases…

No, private investigators cannot legally hack into cellphones. While the answer to this question will depend on where exactly you live, hacking into phones is generally prohibited for PIs in most countries. If you believe that someone may be interfering with your cellphone without your consent, then you should consult with a lawyer or law enforcement in your jurisdiction.

While private investigators usually cannot hack into cellphones, they may be able to track the phone’s whereabouts in missing persons cases or as part of skip tracing. Under certain conditions we are able to trace cellphones (in the country of Thailand) and find their current position. This can be useful if a vulnerable person has gone missing and their family members are concerned for their safety – we are often able to locate the person through tracing their phone, and ensure that they are safe and well.

Whether or not a private investigator is able to track the whereabouts of a phone through a triangular trace or by any other means will depend on your jurisdiction and the technical resources available to your investigator. Our company is based in Pattaya, Thailand.

How private investigators monitor cellphones

The most common method used by private investigators to bug cellphones is through using specialist software. Cellphone monitoring software can be used to monitor phone calls, internet use, SMS message, WhatsApp messages, Instagram use, Tinder use, GPS location, and effectively everything that the phone is used for! Using this software you will be able to remotely check on everything the device is being used for through an online control panel. Private investigators typically sell cellphones with monitoring software pre-installed. Monitoring software is often used to keep an eye on children’s internet activity, it can also be used to check employees that are using company devices.

Track any phone messages

We recommend mSpy monitoring software to our clients, it has powerful features and can be used to keep tabs on everything the phone is used for… We find that the company also offers good customer support who are on hand to help with any problems or queries that you might have. You can purchase mSpy with a 15% discount by following this link.

While monitoring software is typically used to keep tabs on your children or employees, it is sometimes used illegally by spouses, love rivals, or business competitors, with many such cases being publicized in the media. We do not condone illegal use of monitoring software and suggest that any misuse is reported to the relevant authorities in your jurisdiction.

Cellphone monitoring software is not only used by private investigators and can be installed by anyone. If you suspect that your phone may have bugging software installed then you can run antivirus software in order to remove it; however, state-of-the art bugging software is often difficult to detect or remove. Performing a factory reset on the phone can also remove any monitoring software in most cases.