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5 things I hate about my Thai girlfriend

April 19, 2020 - Reading time: 4 minutes

There are tons of articles with people telling you ‘things I love about my Thai girlfriend’; however it seems that not many guys are brave enough to describe the other side of the coin. In this article I’m going to explain some things that I hate about my Thai girlfriend, while I’m sure that not every one of these points applies to all Thai women, I think that many guys will be able to relate with some of these observations made here.

Disclaimer: This article was contributed to our blog by our friend Danny G. The views expressed in this article do not necessarily reflect or represent the views of Pattaya Private Investigators.

5 things I hate about my Thai girlfriend

  1. She is not financially independent
    Some Thai women earn a lot of money. Heck, many Thai ladies probably earn more money every month than I do. Sadly my girlfriend is not one of them. My girlfriend dropped out of high school and will never be able to earn much more than the minimum wage in Thailand unless she either goes back to university and completes a degree or starts her own business. Neither of these options will be possible without support coming from my back pocket.
  2. Her English isn’t good
    Again, there are many Thai women that speak excellent English - my girlfriend isn’t one of them. She speaks broken English and sometimes I can find it hard to understand what she is saying, especially if we’re talking about something complicated or involving emotions. We often resort to using Google translate on our phones so that we’re able to understand each other. If I tell her something that she doesn’t understand she will usually laugh or say “yes”, which is fine for light conversation but can (and has) create serious misunderstandings.
  3. Her family always come first
    My girlfriend’s family always comes first. I’m not sure if all women carry the financial burden for their parents their entire lives but with my partner this does seem to be the case. Whatever financial woe or problem her parents have is passed directly onto her, and if she can’t help then the buck ultimately stops with me. My girlfriend’s commitments to her family are not only financial… If there is ever any type of issue back in the village (specifically if there is ever a funeral) then she will want to jump on the first plane back there. From what I’ve seen and experienced, it seems like Thai women are never completely independent from their parents.
  4. ‘Saving face’ can be a nightmare
    The topic of ‘saving face’ is definitely something that you should look into in depth if you are starting to become involved with a Thai woman. There are many points to consider and this whole concept can be hard to get your head around if you’re coming from a Western background. In summary, ‘saving face’, at least for myself, means that my girlfriend will never back down in an argument. Even if she is clearly in the wrong, she will never back down or admit defeat. Instead of getting worked up and into endless arguments, it’s important to offer a ‘way out’ for your girlfriend, a compromise that allows her to back down without admitting she is in the wrong… If you can’t master this technique then the argument will never stop, because Thai people never want to lose face.
  5. She can’t cope with life in Europe
    My girlfriend constantly talks about moving to Europe. She wants to work menial jobs in Europe and save up money. This is surely a dream for many Thai ladies. I took her back to the UK for a 3 month holiday, and during her time there was some definite issues which popped up. The first being food. Whereas many foreigners are able to live in Thailand and eat Thai food, my girlfriend cannot eat English food, it’s too bland for her. I ended up spending a lot of money ordering Thai takeaway food for her most nights and driving the other side of the country to find oriental supermarkets for ingredients so that she could cook Thai food. For this and many other reasons she could not adjust to life in the UK.

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